Beachwood COVID-19 Update: We have made adjustments and continue working with our clients. Our services are provided outside, one-on-one, at CDC safe distances, and/or remotely. Please contact us for help during this crisis.


Why do we respond the way we do when we are triggered?

Lynne talks about how we respond when we are triggered, and how horses can teach us to change that response.

Trapped Childhood Trauma

A bit about understanding the ways our minds protect us from our childhood trauma

Where is stress stored in your body?

Lynne talks about the problem of stress and how to prevent stress related illness.

Shifting perspective

Lynne shares a bit about how horses help us heal.

Announcing the Coolest Companies 2018 Nominees

by Courtney Gabrielson August 21, 2018 Perhaps one of the loveliest trends in the startup world — besides driving change for the better, duh — is the increasingly crazy ways companies make their cultures incredible. For some, it’s a beautiful environment. For others, its snacks, parties, cool trips and other swanky amenities that make ping pong tables look like – (more)

Join Us at the Giving Gathering

Beachwood is throwing open the barn doors! We have been named one of RI’s “Coolest Companies” for our innovative approach to helping people heal with horses. Come and meet our herd, tour the farm and learn how your participation can help someone in our community overcome anxiety, trauma, grief or another one of many stress – (more)