BEACHWOOD and Coronavirus: What We Are Doing to Keep All of Us Safe

Like the rest of the world, Beachwood is very concerned over the outbreak of the coronavirus; concerned over keeping all our clients and all our staff safe.

The nature of our work gives us several advantages:

  1. We meet one-on-one with clients
  2. We work outdoors
  3. Our work already observes CDC safe distance guidelines. 

So, we feel confident that we can prevent transmission of the Virus here at the barn.  Still, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t being over diligent in taking extra precautions.

First, we ask that if you have reason to believe you are unwell, please let us know, and we will reschedule your appointment.

We ask everyone coming to the barn to wash their hands and apply sanitizer after arriving, and during your stay, maintain safe distance from others. Competitive equestrians are used to keeping an organized and clean facility, and now we are doing even more.

The work we do with our clients is very important and we are glad we will be able to maintain our services, uninterrupted, during this critical time.

Most Sincerely,


Reverend Lynne Bryan Phipps ESMHL
Executive Director

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