Are Integrative Equine Therapy Horses At Beachwood Unicorns In Disguise?

Recently at Beachwood’s Rhode Island location, a young girl experienced a powerful encounter with our horses that made her dreams come true. 

Cora, looking for real-life unicorns

Meet Cora, A Future Unicornologist

Cora, a bright and adorable 5-year-old, is extremely passionate about the magical power of Unicorns. She explains that one day, she wishes to be a Unicornologist. In one of her books, she has read that this profession includes a lot of research, training, and some magic. She currently spends her after pre-school time learning, reading, and talking about these enchanting creatures, and goes searching for unicorns with her binoculars in hand.   

As people with faith and passion often experience, skeptics challenge our beliefs.  Cora encountered a few of these difficulties at school. Some kids in her preschool class belittled her for being so interested in the magic of these animals. “You know unicorns aren’t real right?” laughed a few of her peers. After school, that day, Cora’s mother could tell this interaction had deflated her young daughter and caused her anxiety and stress. She had heard about Beachwood and decided to reach out to the founder, Lynne Bryan Phipps. They spoke about faith, belief, and healing, and the decision was made for Cora to come for a visit, to see if she could find what she was in search of. 

The Healing Powers Of Integrative Equine Therapy

Legend has it that Unicorns have a healing power that helps cure sickness and pain. They were idolized for their ability to protect and heal and could radiate bright and beautiful energy. These creatures have been legendary symbols, thought to bring enlightenment to the world.  At Beachwood, our Integrative Equine Therapy horses work with people to heal anxiety, trauma, grief, and other stress-related physical illness. Though our horses do not have the single spiraling horn attached to the center of their forehead as the legends depict, we know that they are as close to unicorns as one can get. 

Cora walked into the stables and instantly could feel the magic of our horses. Lynne introduced Cora to a few of them and began to explain to her their magic healing powers, and how we can communicate and interact with them. “She truly felt as if she was connected to the horses with golden threads,” said her aunt after the session.  

equine therapy the real life unicorn beachwood center for wellbeing in Rhode Islande

Wow, Wow, Wow, Words can’t describe how powerful and amazing that visit was for Cora (and me). Still processing how beautiful, special and healing that was. I was taken aback by how many times tears just sprang to my eyes. I guess there is a lot that was released for me without even knowing it. ~ Cora’s mother.

IET Succeeds, Often Where Other More Conventional Methods Have Failed.

These animals are truly magical, and the experience left Cora and her family feeling grounded, connected, and in tune with themselves.  The process of Integrative Equine Therapy (IET) is a uniquely emotional and natural experience that is unlike any other, a therapeutic approach for anxiety, trauma, grief, and other stress-related disorders in patients where previous, more conventional approaches have failed. 

Our horses are not just magical, they’ve been bred and carefully selected to help guide, encourage, and support people as they build new neural pathways from the trauma center to the conscious part of the brain, making it possible to respond rather than react to triggers.   People build connections they haven’t previously been able to achieve.  Data that has been, and continues to be collected by Brown University shows IET to be a consistent, efficient, and effective, and a “truly remarkable” approach.  Beachwood’s horses work with all ages to help connect and heal with various types of pains and mental illness. 

Cora Is Ready Now To Take On The World

Cora’s experience at Beachwood left her feeling more confident, capable, and connected,  ready to take on the world. 

Just the other day, Cora asked how the unicorns were doing and said again how lucky we were to get to be with them every day.  If only all of us could be like Cora, noticing the magic all around us.  She sent these beautiful pictures to say thank you for her visit. Notice the golden threads!

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