Beachwood COVID-19 Update: We have made adjustments and continue working with our clients. Our services are provided outside, one-on-one, at CDC safe distances, and/or remotely. Please contact us for help during this crisis.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Ocean House Gives Back to our Community Through Beachwood

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Ocean House Gives Back to our Community Through Beachwood

These past 12 months have been taxing on mental health, and many individuals are suffering from anxiety, depression, and isolation. People in our local community need help, but not everyone has the resources to do so. It is more important than ever to support our neighbors in need.  Ocean House has made a contribution to – (more)

cora unicorns integrative equine therapy beachwood center for wellbeing

Are Integrative Equine Therapy Horses At Beachwood Unicorns In Disguise?

Recently at Beachwood’s Rhode Island location, a young girl experienced a powerful encounter with our horses that made her dreams come true.  Meet Cora, A Future Unicornologist Cora, a bright and adorable 5-year-old, is extremely passionate about the magical power of Unicorns. She explains that one day, she wishes to be a Unicornologist. In one – (more)

Meet Rajah, He Helps Veterans With PTSD

Meet Rajah, He Helps Veterans With PTSD

The gray horse behind me is Rajah. He’s a linchpin of our Integrative Equine Therapy Program here at Beachwood. He was diagnosed with EPM several years ago and summit joint performance has been the key ingredient to his becoming whole and healthy again, back at work, and helping veterans heal from PTSD and other stress-related – (more)

Equine Therapy: How can horses help heal trauma?

Integrative Equine Therapy: How can horses help heal trauma?

How do horses help people recover from trauma? Well one of the things horses do is they create a very safe environment for people. Most of the time people have experienced trauma is at the hands of other people, so to work with a horse, and to not have to talk very much in our – (more)

Anxiety is the most contagious affect in the human experience

In this Coronavirus Pandemic, Anxiety is Contagious Too

We know that isolation has both physical and emotional consequences to wellbeing.  First off, let’s be clear – even though we call it social distancing, physical distancing does NOT mean emotional distancing, or social isolation. Here are just a few ideas to keep everyone connected Reach out with a call to those you care about. – (more)

Beachwood Center

Beachwood and Coronavirus: What We Are Doing to Keep All of Us Safe

Like the rest of the world, Beachwood is very concerned over the outbreak of the coronavirus; concerned over keeping all our clients and all our staff safe. The nature of our work gives us several advantages: We meet one-on-one with clients We work outdoors Our work already observes CDC safe distance guidelines.  So, we feel – (more)