7 ways to shift perspective during uncertain times - try equine therapy

7 Ways to Shift Perspective During Uncertain Times

This has been an unprecedented disaster for most of us that has a profound impact on our daily lives.  If we were in a natural disaster, or even surviving a terrorist attack, there is visible damage, and the time it takes to endure the event is limited.  We get through it, and then we deal with the aftermath.  

learn how to love yourself to relieve

Learn to Love Yourself

How to relieve anxiety, gain confidence, and find authentic connection. Why am I so anxious? Humans are designed to live in connection.  We are wired to feel not only our own emotions but the emotions of those around us.  In today’s world, with so much chaos, concern, and COVID, most of us feel anxious and – (more)

integrative equine therapy

Integrative Equine Therapy (IET): The top 5 questions we get from our therapy clients

When do you know it is time to consider therapy? Every year in the United States, 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health condition. As a result of the pandemic, Now more than ever, those rates have skyrocketed.   People are suffering, and with much of our physical and mental health appointments occurring virtually,  – (more)

integrative equine therapy for stress anxiety

Signs of Stress and Anxiety

Knowing the physical signs of stress and anxiety is important What is the state of our mental health? This can be more difficult to recognize than you may think, especially when you are not checking in on yourself often.  Anxiety and other mental health conditions can creep up without notice, causing self-doubt, feelings of shame – (more)

How does adoption affect a child?

How does adoption affect a child?

How Does Adoption Affect a Child? Humans are born helpless and vulnerable.  When we are new to this world we know only the connection that had given us life in the womb. We are completely dependent, requiring our mothers to feed us, help us grow, and keep us safe. Because of this we have an – (more)

Grief: Dealing with the emotions that come with loss 1

Grief: Dealing with the emotions that come with loss

Grief is one of our most overwhelming experiences. It touches our most existential beliefs and often shakes our sense of safety to its core. The emotions that we feel during grief often seem impossible to recover from.  Along with a great deal of pain, there is the awareness that we can’t control or predict the future, and the – (more)