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When We Think About Substance Use, We Are Asking The Wrong Questions

I read recently that alcohol has been coined the gateway drug, and I think we need to think about this issue of using substances for altered states differently. If our focus is on what people use to escape, we have missed the point. The question I would ask is what kind of a culture have – (more)

Equine Therapy Wakefield, RI

A Client’s Perspective on Equine Therapy

I’d like to tell you a story.  It’s a story about one of my clients who developed his own explanation of why intensive equine therapy (IET) works, or, I should say, can work. But first, let me give some background.  Everyone who uses horses to help others, calls their approach therapy.  Most often we associate – (more)

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

Many people have difficulty responding to traditional therapies, particularly those with drug issues where a lack of safe and trustworthy human bonding is an underlying cause of the addiction. Frequently, these individuals have difficulty establishing rapport and trust, even with themselves – and do not always recognize the ramifications of their decisions and behavior, making – (more)