When We Think About Substance Use, We Are Asking The Wrong Questions

I read recently that alcohol has been coined the gateway drug, and I think we need to think about this issue of using substances for altered states differently.

If our focus is on what people use to escape, we have missed the point.

The question I would ask is what kind of a culture have we developed that so many want to escape?

What kind of a world is it that people are so overwhelmed that the only thing they can imagine is to try somehow to turn it off?

What does life look and feel like to our peers, our children, our neighbors, and our friends, so that living is harder than escaping from it?

Is it our perception of life that drives us away? 

Is it the voyeuristic nature of internet platforms like Facebook and Instagram that link us only with aspects of life others want us to see?

What are we learning about relationship from our parents and those around us – in person and on line? 

Reduce Stress...and Heal

Using a substance to escape, or numb builds a neural-pathway – a coping strategy of numbing and escaping the pain.

While escapism feels good at the moment, on the back side of any escape is the return to what we know – which is painful.  And escaping doesn’t teach us to cope with what we believe we want to run away from.

How do we learn look at life and living differently?  How do we learn to create a life that is not painful?

How do we relate from a deep and real connection?  A connection that sustains living mutually and beneficially?

How do we shift perspective so that we see through new eyes?

It is possible to live, and to love the life you’re living.

It is possible to enjoy what we have and who we are with, despite the conditions that surround us.

It is possible to create a life that has more joy than pain, so that the pain that is experienced is bearable.

The way to this place is through connection; first within oneself, and then with others.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to exploring new strategies together.

I’d love to help you shift perspective, grow strong, and be free to be your greatest self. 

If you’ve got an interest, reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to building the best world ever;  one experience at a time.

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