Lynne Bryan Phipps

MDiv, PATH Intl - Director, Equine Therapy

A minister for over twenty-four years, Lynne received her degree from the Andover Newton Theological School and has served congregations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  She was the first University Interfaith Chaplain at Mount Ida College and the founder of The Compass School, one of the leading charter schools in Rhode Island.

A mother with two daughters, she lost her only sister to violent death.  A long time equestrian, this experience prompted Lynne to extend her counseling to equine therapy, developing new approaches to emotional healing.



Lynne selected this horse on an evaluation tour in Germany in 2015. In 2016 he won the US Northeast Regionals, Prix St. George, and was named Trakehner of the Year by the American Trakehner Association.  Bugs is highly affectionate, especially with children.

Royal Panda

Our final Hanoverian has a spectacular bloodline bringing a versatile history in both show jumping and dressage from Germany. Shown extensively in the Eastern United States, he was injured in 2014.  During his recovery, Panda began working with Lynne as a therapeutic horse.  We expect he will return to completion this summer while continuing his work with people.

Patricia Markham Risica


Assistant Professor of Behavior & Social Sciences, and research scholar in the Center for Health Equity Research at Brown University, Patti is a graduate of John’s Hopkins University and has been designing, facilitating, and overseeing research for almost 20 years.  An expert in data collection and health associated research practices; Patti has developed and oversees our data collection and research protocols and tools at Beachwood.  

Pikksie Wish


Wish is a Hanoverian, bred and trained by USDF Gold Medalist Nancy Later using an approach developed by the Australian Tristan Tucker.

Tristan, who trains Olympic dressage competitors In Holland, began breaking horses in the Outback that evolved into a technique for training horses, a strategy of reading a horse by watching its eyes and analyzing its physical response to fear, using the observations to teach the horse to respond through relaxation.  Wish just recently joined Beachwood where she is showing us new ways of communicating with horses.

Ana Bess Moyer Bell

Practitioners bios.png

Drama Therapy

Ana Bess studied Drama Therapy at NYU, and uses her skills to help clients with type 1 diabetes, cancer, PTSD, and those in recovery.

Bess is the founder of COAAST; a RI-based non-profit that offers arts-based education and therapeutic programing to address the opioid epidemic with therapeutic theatre, grief support groups and other expressive arts based outreach in RI.  Through COAAST, Bess creates prevention education for teens, and provides continuing medical education to healthcare providers working in addiction/behavioral health fields. 

She has held positions as a drama therapist at the VA Hospital in West Haven, CT, San Quentin Prison where she co-facilitated group talk therapy with inmates, and The BETES Organization. 


Rajah, raised by Anne McDowell Schafer began his training at US Olympic Team member Jennifer Baumert’s stable in North Carolina.  Riding with Lynne, he was ranked sixth in the US Hanoverian breed registry. He shows a deep connection to people with anxiety and trauma.

Dr. Jeff Falcon

NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

Dr. Jeff graduated from Life University School of Chiropractic June 1998, and started his own practice in August 1999 in Massachusetts until moving his office to Middletown, RI in 2007. He is also a certified NET practitioner. Besides incorporating chiropractic techniques that don't require, cracking, popping or twisting of the spine, Dr. Jeff utilizes NET, whole food supplements and herbs along with homeopathic remedies. Dr. Jeff does not treat symptoms, illness or disease but people that have symptoms, illness and disease.



Show Jumping Olympic Gold Medalist, Chris Kappler, selected this Holsteiner in Argentina. Named an Elite Premium Mare, she is having her last of three foals at in the Warmblood Breeding Program at Cornell before returning to Beachwood next summer.