Individual Equine Therapy Programs

Clients will work with one of Beachwood’s five horses and a trained equine therapist. For the first hour the client, horse and therapist are together, the last half hour is spent in discussion, while the horse goes out to pasture. Our experience has found that for severe issues, the optimum program is seven, one-and-half-hour sessions, other clients require less. Typically, most people try one session to see what it is like.

Lynne Phipps made several observations: “Fifty minutes is too short for a beneficial interaction; it takes time to fully sync with the horse, or as one client said, “to get in the flow.”  Likewise, if you are going to develop new neural pathways - new responses to handling threatening emotional situations - you can’t achieve that in one or two sessions. Yet, what can be accomplished in seven is significantly faster and less expensive than the older approaches to therapy.”

“If you’re anxious, if you’re worried, the horse will show you,” Phipps said. “It shows up in a really gentle, wonderful way. A horse creates the most judgment free space in the world.”

The results are often dramatic:

The mother of a child with a life threatening illness hadn’t slept more than two hours a night since her child was born.  After the first session with the horse she was able to sleep regularly through the night. 

After three sessions, a young girl suffering with panic attacks and anxiety disorder was able to manage being away from her family.

After her intensive, the mother of a client said her daughter had accomplished more in those five days working with the horses than she had in a month long outpatient program at a major medical center in Manhattan.

Anxious to the point of nausea and unable to get out of bed, a failing high school student was able to return to school and graduate. 

After seven sessions, a person with fibromyalgia left Beachwood pain free for the first time in years.

“People often times come to us who aren’t horse people saying, “I’m scared of horses, why horses?”  When they leave, their tune has changed, as one client said, “I had no idea this was possible, I had no idea what a horse could help me find and change inside myself.”

Group Equine Therapy Programs

  • Anxiety/Stress Management

  • Children coping with divorce

  • Grief Groups for children & adults

  • Identity/LGBTQ groups

  • Parent Psychoeducation Support

  • Social/Emotional Learning

  • Trauma/PTSD Support groups

  • Equine Therapy Day Camps

    • Anxiety

    • Social Skills

    • Parent-Child Relationship

Call for additional information on individual and group sessions