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“I entered interactive equine therapy expecting to receive treatment for the grieving I was experiencing. I walked away having learned so much more about myself and areas that needed a voice, closure, and clarity.”  - Read More

"I'm so very grateful that our daughter felt safe to address some of the deepest issues impacting her life - right from the very beginning. It can take weeks. months and sometimes years in talk therapy for this level of trust to be established, and still the most important issues may never surface. The research-based evidence demonstrates that equine therapy, with skilled practitioners like Lynne Phipps and her team, facilitates emotional and physical well-being in powerfully transformative ways."

"I never knew such a place existed."

Case Study: The mother of a child with a life-threatening illness hadn’t slept more than 2 hours a night since her child was born.  After 1 session with the horses, she was able to sleep regularly through the night.

Case Study: After 3 sessions, a young girl suffering with panic attacks and anxiety disorder was able to manage being away from her family.

"If you needed proof this concept would work, you've got it. "

Case Study: Anxious to the point of nausea and unable to get out of bed, a failing high school student, after 3 sessions, was able to return to school and graduate.

“Hi Lynne. I wanted to comment on the wonderful experience of meeting with you and Panda. The experience is a culmination of working with the horse’s healing energy guided by your excellent clinical skills. I was able to experience the freedom of clearing blocked energy to be able to feel emotions that have been diverted to psychosomatic expression. This was expressed by migraine headaches, blunted emotions. Thanks so much for this opportunity.”

Case Study: After a 1 week intensive (8 sessions), the mother of a client said her daughter had accomplished more in those 5 days working with the horses than she had in a month-long outpatient program at a major medical center in Manhattan.

"It was beautiful to watch you work with my son and the horses."

Case Study: Beachwood was asked by a major Rhode Island corporation to establish a program for their employees and families dealing with stress and trauma.  The family response has been significant, and we hope to bring people in from other states. The company sees a decrease in mental health expenses as well and has an increase in productivity. They are now an active reference for other corporations.

“I feel invested in, cared about and accepted. “

"How come no one said it could be this easy?"

“Lynne, you take me to the darkest places and never leave me there, but skillfully, with the horses, lead me through and out into the light of my own being.”

“after our session, what a different kind if day. Fun, productive, less hyper vigilant more focuses and energized. “

“It’s amazing how powerful fear and history can be. Clearing things, the world is open.”