“3 out of 4 Americans are stressed to the point of developing a chronic illness. Only 1 out of 3 seek help before illness manifests.”

National Alliance for Mental Illness

There have been many articles reporting on mental health as a serious social and economic issue in the country. Rather surprisingly, the picturesque “Ocean State” of Rhode Island is not only the highest-ranking state in the country for depression rates, but also tops New England as having residents with stress and stress-related illnesses. 

This became a concern with missionary zeal for one equestrian resident, Lynne Bryan Phipps, an ordained minister of twenty years, and the founder of The Compass School, one of the leading charter schools in the state.

In an interview Lynne said, “Equine therapy has been available in a variety of approaches for a number of years; horses certainly can make a difference.  My objective was to establish a protocol that could deal with the serious instances of stress, anxiety and trauma in a shorter and more cost-effective way than conventional therapy.”  There was a better approach, she found, it just took four years to develop. In 2017, Lynne opened Beachwood in the scenic countryside southwest of Newport, Rhode Island.

We are always happy to talk with callers who might be interested in exploring a Beachwood experience.

Integrative equine therapy is one of the powerful new tools now being used in mitigating a wide range of physical and emotional issues.  

Many people have difficulty responding to traditional therapy; they have difficulty in establishing rapport and trust; effective therapy may take a long time.

In contrast a horse can move quickly to establish the bonds of trust and affection. The legions of personal and social issues we humans have don’t exist in this interaction; this animal doesn’t care about your appearance, status, education or history; it is a prey animal, with acute senses adapted to detect small changes that may be a threat or a benefit.

A herd animal, its social structure is much like our own, its survival depending on establishing relationships. Wary until secure they then will develop an emotional bond.