This is a unique experience, quite different from other forms of therapy or other horse-centered approaches. In working with adults we have found that intensive three-hour sessions are the most effective, the right amount of time to get into the “emotional flow.”

We offer an introductory one and a half hour session. Here, people are usually quite adept in determining a program with us that matches their needs.

Beachwood is a non-profit foundation.  Almost half of our clients are seen for free or pay reduced rates  (to qualify, a referral by certified health services or clergy is required), all other clients do not require an introduction.

We are always happy to talk with callers who might be interested in exploring a Beachwood experience.

Interactive equine therapy is one of the powerful new tools now being used in mitigating a wide range of physical and emotional issues.  

Many people have difficulty responding to traditional therapy; they have difficulty in establishing rapport and trust; effective therapy may take a long time.

In contrast a horse can move quickly to establish the bonds of trust and affection. The legions of personal and social issues we humans have don’t exist in this interaction; this animal doesn’t care about your appearance, status, education or history; it is a prey animal, with acute senses adapted to detect small changes that may be a threat or a benefit.

A herd animal, its social structure is much like our own, its survival depending on establishing relationships. Wary until secure they then will develop an emotional bond.